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An inventor - Mrs. Beryl Japaul had designed the only concaved mattress that Canada had ever experienced, in 1984, because she needed support for her twin pregnancy that no other mattress on the market could deliver.

As you lay on that mattress, your back will be smiling. Hence the company name: Smile Back Mattress and Furniture, whereby your back will be smiling from sleeping on the unique ‘Smile Back Mattress’. The product was patented, and the professionally designed logo was trademarked. That mattress had received doctors’ approval certificate for the design. During that period, Canada was not ready for that innovative product, and most of the customers preferred to buy the less expensive products. Because of the customers’ preferences, the company had to halt the expensive production of the newly designed mattress and settle for a more conventional mattress. Later, throughout the years, someone replicated the design and created the Craftmatic / adjustable mattress, which the company sells as well.

Smile Back is dedicated to serving its customers with the greatest quality of all household products except for appliances because it adheres to the customer’s feedback. There is a wide range of furniture suits and household accessories to match any decor. Also, the company expanded its product line to include mattresses, furniture, carpets, window coverings, and bedding, lamps, mirrors, Bibles, table clothes, shower curtains, dividers and art decor.

Smile Back Mattresses and Furniture has gained a loyal and trustworthy reputation, in Ontario, Toronto, Canada for its superior quality products, being sold at reasonable and sometimes direct wholesale prices.

There are unbeatable deals on great quality mattresses every week. 

Join the Smile Back family-based business and receive rewards on your purchase. Special, exclusive furniture discounts are also given to loyal clients, who provide referrals.